Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day, 2013

"Daddy"--once again and always
all my being cries!
My thoughts are now and constantly
as passion occupies!
With every memory, a smile,
a laugh and, yes, a tear;
all of them be amplified
with "Father's Day" so near!

Too many miles separate
for what I want the most:
I want to spend the day with him
and once again be close!
"Technology" can only be
a substitute for such;
though we can visit "face-to-face,"
I long to feel his touch!

"Lord, thank You for my daddy-
a pillar in my life.
An inspiration for myself,
my children and my wife.
A blessing to so many others
that would come to know him;
and far more worthy than mere verses
in a simple poem!"

Happy Father's Day, daddy!
And very happy is this man.  For the memories I have of you continue to hearten me as I as I apply them to the generations forward!
I love you,

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