Friday, June 21, 2013


Once again caught up in a race whose finish line is unknown.
Avoiding the necessary to accomplish the temporary.
Yes, once more caught up...

"Father God, where have You been?
I haven't heard Your voice...
But Father, it is I that am not
listening, by choice.
I look back on the week that was-
full of wants and needs-
but to realize I missed
the ultimate of deeds!
But Father God, here You are,
so faithful and so true!
And here am I, Lord, to rejoice
in the embrace of You!
Thank You for Your ever-Presence
and Your every word-
there is surely nothing greater
to be felt or heard!

O Father God, I cannot live
apart from Your great care!
In spite of all my actions, Lord,
You have so much to share!
Thank You for The Presence that
continues even though
the issues of the day may take
away from time we know."

How merciful, the God we know.
How vital, the time spent with Him.
Yet I allow such petty things to rob me of that greatest time!
That has got to change, and I must stop making excuses.

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