Saturday, June 29, 2013


Another busy day...where is escape?
Arriving at a busy can escape be here?!

Inside a noisy building...
can I hear His voice?
Amidst the tumult that is life
how can I rejoice?
How many are the voices that
would seek to be their own?
How can it be that, in this place,
blest harmony is known?
But God, but God is greater!
He understands each sound!
And He can make a harmony
of all that is around.
At all times He can concentrate
on each and every voice-
therefore, can we trust He hears
as we pray and rejoice!

Inside a noisy building-
but not in here alone!
The comfort of His voice is here
and His great light is shone!
"Shine through me as the moments pass
and be that Light to all,
that there would be one more to know
and carry forth The Call!"

How precious is the gathering of the saints!
How vital is this noisy building to the health of them that believe!
Escaping life by entering into the same.
Don't try to understand it, just enjoy it!

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