Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Born Again!

Back on May 28th, I was in reflection, as that was the day I was saved...yeeeears ago!

"The decades and the years...
the laughter and the tears...
the learning, every day,
while living with The Way!

You saved my soul so many years ago.
Tell me, Father, how much did I grow?
So many are the accolades of men,
but only You see everywhere I've been!
It's You, Lord, I desire to impress!
It's Your heart, Jesus, that I long to bless!
Have I done so, lo, these many years,
or am I only seeking mortal cheers?

Jesus, it is You and I alone
in that only matter that be known.
Unless I hear "Well done.  Come, enter in..."
I might as well be wallowing in sin!
Oh, but sweet security I know.
In the Blood of Calvary I go,
leaving all of this life far behind
and clinging to that Crimson peace of mind!

Oh, blessed be the promise that  know!
This life has got a massive ebb and flow.
But You, oh Lord, forever be secure,
therefore, the tide of life will I endure!
And Heaven, oh, it shall be my reward,
living with and honoring my Lord!
The decades and the years may have their way,
but You, Lord Jesus, You remain my stay!"

We are told to recall the wonderful ways that God has worked on our behalf, so that we can pass them on to the next generation.  Have you got such precious memories?

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