Saturday, June 1, 2013


"The glory of Your grace upon display!
Of Your creation, God, what can I say?!
I have not been in this place before,
oh, but Lord, I want to be here more!
The mountain peaks afar, so very clear...
the gorge before!  I am so glad You're near!
The river...oh, the river...gone the noise!
Oh God, can ANYONE retain their poise?

The panorama from this mighty bluff-
the heart of me to cry "IT IS ENOUGH!!"
To see what You create, I am undone.
Meet with me ever, Lord, and make us One!"

The glory of His creation.
How often do we make the effort to behold it?
Of a truth, we must not always go out of our way, as His touch is constantly before our eyes, but make a point to make time to look at and see the works of His hands.
It is always worth it!

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