Monday, June 10, 2013

Blest Mercy!

Thank goodness for the mercy of God!
How wonderful that we can go straight to the throne whenever we want to!

"I beg with You for mercy-
'oh God, what can I do...'
Again, when will I realize
it ALL is up to You?!
And begging is not necessary
as I am Your child!
I only must repent and turn
to be reconciled!

Oh God, Your tender mercies
and nothing else will do!
Your grace alone enables me
draw closer unto You!
Your arms are always open-
what generous embrace!
The drawing of Your Holy Spirit
takes me to that place!

I ASK of You blest mercy, it is
granted unto me;
and, through the Blood of Jesus,
that mercy I to see!
Oh, thank You for the One Begotten
and that Second Birth!
In HIM to know redemption and
to truly know my worth!"

In only Jesus Christ can we know our true worth.  Only Jesus.
With Him within, life becomes so much more alive and wonderful!
Live Him constantly!

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