Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Beyond all binds!

God is so awesome and amazing!
The ways that He uses us, uses nature, uses _____________ to make Himself known are infinite!
Have you put any limits on Him?

Verses without borders...
words without restraint...
without 'expected' rules may I,
another poem, paint?
Predicted are parameters
that some say MUST be met,
but Him Who is mine inspiration
yet will, glory, get!

He is beyond all expectation,
greater than mere 'rules.'
He takes the wisest elements
revealing them to fools!
He even takes the simplest
and complicates the wise!
When even these lines are complete
will ANY recognize?!

Verses without borders...?
Words without restraint...?
O but rhyme and rhythm, they
are here, (and not so faint!)
But God, He is not bound to such,
He is so far beyond,
but He acquaints Himself to us
in ways that are so fond!

God is so awesome and amazing...and He continues to be new and afresh each time we go to Him!
Try Him.

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