Saturday, June 29, 2013


Another busy day...where is escape?
Arriving at a busy can escape be here?!

Inside a noisy building...
can I hear His voice?
Amidst the tumult that is life
how can I rejoice?
How many are the voices that
would seek to be their own?
How can it be that, in this place,
blest harmony is known?
But God, but God is greater!
He understands each sound!
And He can make a harmony
of all that is around.
At all times He can concentrate
on each and every voice-
therefore, can we trust He hears
as we pray and rejoice!

Inside a noisy building-
but not in here alone!
The comfort of His voice is here
and His great light is shone!
"Shine through me as the moments pass
and be that Light to all,
that there would be one more to know
and carry forth The Call!"

How precious is the gathering of the saints!
How vital is this noisy building to the health of them that believe!
Escaping life by entering into the same.
Don't try to understand it, just enjoy it!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

His Presence

The glory of His Majesty!!
The splendor of His wonderful Presence!
God, in His matchless awe and spectacle taking time to spend with even me!!
I cannot keep to myself!
I have to share...

In the Presence of Almighty,
even God Most High!
Steeled as all creation sings-
His Grace to glorify!
Here He comes, Jehovah God,
inviting company!
His grace and His compassion cause
the eyes of me to see!!

How wonderful...How powerful...
How merciful the same-
that He would speak creation...and then
speak MY very name!
All of living at His beck,
He has ALL command!
Yet, He looks into my eyes
and reaches out His hand!

The power and the glory...
the kindness and the love!
Only mercy could explain
His route from all above!
Coming unto such as we
was of His deep desire!
Provide Him residence within-
what living will transpire!!

Never underestimate His Presence!
Never take for granted the privilege of being able to be with Him!
Take of His grace, love, mercy and Presence for yourself.  You will never be the same!

Friday, June 21, 2013


Once again caught up in a race whose finish line is unknown.
Avoiding the necessary to accomplish the temporary.
Yes, once more caught up...

"Father God, where have You been?
I haven't heard Your voice...
But Father, it is I that am not
listening, by choice.
I look back on the week that was-
full of wants and needs-
but to realize I missed
the ultimate of deeds!
But Father God, here You are,
so faithful and so true!
And here am I, Lord, to rejoice
in the embrace of You!
Thank You for Your ever-Presence
and Your every word-
there is surely nothing greater
to be felt or heard!

O Father God, I cannot live
apart from Your great care!
In spite of all my actions, Lord,
You have so much to share!
Thank You for The Presence that
continues even though
the issues of the day may take
away from time we know."

How merciful, the God we know.
How vital, the time spent with Him.
Yet I allow such petty things to rob me of that greatest time!
That has got to change, and I must stop making excuses.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


"Accidental blessings..."
"coincidence" always?
But everything is ordered,
and purposed are His ways!
He sees all that is happening,
He knows of each event;
and absolutely valuable,
each moment with Him spent!

For God-He has no "accidents,"
divine are ALL His ways!
He has a purpose and a plan
for each and all our days!
Every moment of the day
He orders for His cause;
therefore, He deserves our service,
praise and our applause!

He knows what He is doing
in every situation!
He reaches deep within us,
establishing relation!
Trust His ways implicitly-
success to surely know;
and make sure that you demonstrate Him
everywhere you go!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


My father and my Father-
two of this life's forces.
Each of them to love me dearly,
setting me on courses.
Both of them upon my heart
in afternoon repose...
both of them so inspirational
in blessed prose!

"To my father and my Father-
Both of you I visit in
a most delightful way!
Father God, You are with me
in Spirit and in Truth;
daddy, you occupy my heart,
yes, ever since my youth!"

I am so very fortunate to be able to reflect on my earthly father and only recall good.  I am so fortunate to look back over the years and smile.
And Father God?  He makes me smile constantly with His Omnipresence at all times!  He is so good!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day, 2013

"Daddy"--once again and always
all my being cries!
My thoughts are now and constantly
as passion occupies!
With every memory, a smile,
a laugh and, yes, a tear;
all of them be amplified
with "Father's Day" so near!

Too many miles separate
for what I want the most:
I want to spend the day with him
and once again be close!
"Technology" can only be
a substitute for such;
though we can visit "face-to-face,"
I long to feel his touch!

"Lord, thank You for my daddy-
a pillar in my life.
An inspiration for myself,
my children and my wife.
A blessing to so many others
that would come to know him;
and far more worthy than mere verses
in a simple poem!"

Happy Father's Day, daddy!
And very happy is this man.  For the memories I have of you continue to hearten me as I as I apply them to the generations forward!
I love you,

Friday, June 14, 2013

First off...

6 a.m.
Before the house gets going...
awake...all alone...out in the shade...

"Blessings on You, Father;
Good morning unto You!
Creation is responding,
celebrating in the dew.
So many are the vestiges
of Your creative touch,
and we are blessed to be with You,
oh, thank You very much!

Blessings on You, Father;
Your Presence is so real!
All You are inside of us,
oh help us to reveal!
Be visible in each of us,
be real in Your Own!
For we are clay inside Your palm-
oh, let Your print be known!

Blessings on You, Father,
Your Person and Your Word.
I see You in creation,
and You are clearly heard!
In Worshipping, I worship...
In serving You, I serve...
In loving You I love the ones
that do and don't deserve.

Blessings on You, Father,
and we receive much more!
We glorify and honor You-
for that's what we are for!

Glorify God today in all that you do.
Worship Him with all of your living.
That is why we were created.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Love in Return

All for the glory of God...

"God Almighty, Jesus King,
You are over everything!
And there is nothing I can do
to 'improve' the ways of You!
For God, I long to emulate
the One You are-so good, so great!
But for the glory of Your Own,
lest I be naked and alone!

For the glory, Lord, of You!
For the clarity of view!
For the purity of heart
that is from being 'set apart!'
For You are all I ever need.
My wants are satisfied, indeed,
as I become more like the One
that sees mine every action done!

O God Almighty, my own King,
of You, alone, my soul to sing!
For only You my heart to long-
You are the content of its song!
For I am Yours and Yours forever.
Not anything, our bond, to sever!
Only, Lord, to stronger grow
as time continues to bestow!"

The love of the Lord is tantamount in this life.
What is our love and our affirmation to Him in return? 

Blest Mercy!

Thank goodness for the mercy of God!
How wonderful that we can go straight to the throne whenever we want to!

"I beg with You for mercy-
'oh God, what can I do...'
Again, when will I realize
it ALL is up to You?!
And begging is not necessary
as I am Your child!
I only must repent and turn
to be reconciled!

Oh God, Your tender mercies
and nothing else will do!
Your grace alone enables me
draw closer unto You!
Your arms are always open-
what generous embrace!
The drawing of Your Holy Spirit
takes me to that place!

I ASK of You blest mercy, it is
granted unto me;
and, through the Blood of Jesus,
that mercy I to see!
Oh, thank You for the One Begotten
and that Second Birth!
In HIM to know redemption and
to truly know my worth!"

In only Jesus Christ can we know our true worth.  Only Jesus.
With Him within, life becomes so much more alive and wonderful!
Live Him constantly!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

True beauty!

"Is charm deceitful?
Is beauty vain?"
So the debate, it
would surface again.
It's been attested to as settled fact,
but here, in the wilderness, how to react?
Here, is it fleeting as seasons go by?
The pen to cry out "'Tis an absolute lie!"
Just look at the mountains in all of their splendor.
There is no end to the glory they render!
Look at the wildlife dwelling therein;
behold the great sky--oh, where does it begin?
Then know the Creator and all of His Own-
no way is there for Him to be FULLY known!
But what is known of Him is NEVER to change!
Yester, today and e'er will He arrange
the glory, the wonder, the thrill of it all-
living abundant inside of His Call!

Said beauty is changing, but ever to wane?
God the Creator will make some again!
And beauty and charm will remain for the eyes-
God, ever-generous, ever supplies!!

Behold the touch of God upon just about everywhere You cast your eyes.
See the glory of Him inside of almost everyone!  If they are not already serving Him, they are an opportunity for us to reach!
Go for it!

His Supply

We are a needy people!
Most of us, however, can only see the need that is pressing.
God, however, can see every need that we will ever face! 
Greater, He already sees and knows what He is doing about those needs:

"O Father, our provision
was settled long ago.
You have it all arranged in ways
that only You can know!
Where we see need arising
You see opportunity;
without those ways that aren't our ways,
oh Lord, where would we be?

That tragedy a year from now
You know all about.
You have it so arranged, Your children
will not be without.
In fact, we shall minister
to them that know You not,
that they should wonder what it is
Your followers have got!

You see every need because
they are already met!
You already have a place,
the blessings, we shall get!
Lord, we praise and honor You,
oh God of our Supply!
You are the Giver of all life-
all time to glorify!"

Oh, the confidence we have in God.
(Oh, the confidence we CAN have in God!)
Those needs that we have now, those needs that we will have, God already sees those needs met!
Have faith in God...for ALWAYS!


How did I get to this place?
How did my prayer life become "manipulation?"

"Off we go again,
another lovely day!
"Here's our plan, Lord, go with us;
bless all we do and say!
I must accomplish 'this' and 'that'
if I shall know success.
Please do exactly as we plan;
our every action bless!"

Oh God, I'm deeply sorry!
What about YOUR plan?
You are God.  You hold all things;
for I am only man!
Who am I to dictate?
Who am I to presume?
In every facet of my life
move in and set up room!
Your will be done and not my own,
for You know what is best.
O God, see my repentance
and THEN, mine actions, bless!
For I submit myself to You,
"not my will but Thine..."
Here am I, a tool for You;
accomplish things divine!"

God sees right through me...and you.
He knows the heart and the motives therein.
How many of us must keep the 'self' in check?

Born Again!

Back on May 28th, I was in reflection, as that was the day I was saved...yeeeears ago!

"The decades and the years...
the laughter and the tears...
the learning, every day,
while living with The Way!

You saved my soul so many years ago.
Tell me, Father, how much did I grow?
So many are the accolades of men,
but only You see everywhere I've been!
It's You, Lord, I desire to impress!
It's Your heart, Jesus, that I long to bless!
Have I done so, lo, these many years,
or am I only seeking mortal cheers?

Jesus, it is You and I alone
in that only matter that be known.
Unless I hear "Well done.  Come, enter in..."
I might as well be wallowing in sin!
Oh, but sweet security I know.
In the Blood of Calvary I go,
leaving all of this life far behind
and clinging to that Crimson peace of mind!

Oh, blessed be the promise that  know!
This life has got a massive ebb and flow.
But You, oh Lord, forever be secure,
therefore, the tide of life will I endure!
And Heaven, oh, it shall be my reward,
living with and honoring my Lord!
The decades and the years may have their way,
but You, Lord Jesus, You remain my stay!"

We are told to recall the wonderful ways that God has worked on our behalf, so that we can pass them on to the next generation.  Have you got such precious memories?

Beyond all binds!

God is so awesome and amazing!
The ways that He uses us, uses nature, uses _____________ to make Himself known are infinite!
Have you put any limits on Him?

Verses without borders...
words without restraint...
without 'expected' rules may I,
another poem, paint?
Predicted are parameters
that some say MUST be met,
but Him Who is mine inspiration
yet will, glory, get!

He is beyond all expectation,
greater than mere 'rules.'
He takes the wisest elements
revealing them to fools!
He even takes the simplest
and complicates the wise!
When even these lines are complete
will ANY recognize?!

Verses without borders...?
Words without restraint...?
O but rhyme and rhythm, they
are here, (and not so faint!)
But God, He is not bound to such,
He is so far beyond,
but He acquaints Himself to us
in ways that are so fond!

God is so awesome and amazing...and He continues to be new and afresh each time we go to Him!
Try Him.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

THROUGH the storm

and the soul is singing yet...

"Glory, glory hallelu..."
I cannot help but sing
in honor and in gratitude
to Jesus Christ the King!
His title--it has always been--
all worship to belong!
He is God and God is He-
oh join eternal song!!

Jesus, in the earliest-
all glory on the rise!
Jesus in the afternoon-
behold Him in the skies!
Jesus in the evening-
in Him is perfect rest!
Jesus Christ, BEYOND all time,
oh bless Him and be blessed!

Glory in the highest-
He is there receiving praise!
Jesus is the everywhere,
whatever are the days!
His Highness and His Majesty,
so beautiful His song!
o sing the truth so glorious-

How is the song of your heart today?
I know that it is heavy for quite a few right now, but God is fully aware of all that is happening, and He is the Answer!  He has proven Himself faithful through many storms here.
Though the rains come, may they not drown out a single note of that inner song!

Guard your heart!

The longer the days are, the closer we get to the end, the more the enemy will seek to deceive and destroy The Elect!
Get personal with me...

"My son, my son, guard your heart
the deeper that you go!
The longer you are with your wife,
the more temptation know.
Love her, feed her, give to her
your everything, your all-
there is an enemy that hates you
and he plots your fall!
There is a Father, though, that loves you
guarding all your days.
He knows the enemy, therefore
He offers you His ways.
He knew about your marriage even
from beyond all time,
and He arranged the love you know-
what blessed paradigm!
Oh, but son of mine, it's something
you must work upon.
Guard your heart, fan the flame
that it would not be gone!
Rejoice in her!  Give her
everything that you can give,
and God, He will provide the rest,
assuring that you live!"

We need to be praying for our children today more than ever!
And please join me in praying for mine!


"The glory of Your grace upon display!
Of Your creation, God, what can I say?!
I have not been in this place before,
oh, but Lord, I want to be here more!
The mountain peaks afar, so very clear...
the gorge before!  I am so glad You're near!
The river...oh, the river...gone the noise!
Oh God, can ANYONE retain their poise?

The panorama from this mighty bluff-
the heart of me to cry "IT IS ENOUGH!!"
To see what You create, I am undone.
Meet with me ever, Lord, and make us One!"

The glory of His creation.
How often do we make the effort to behold it?
Of a truth, we must not always go out of our way, as His touch is constantly before our eyes, but make a point to make time to look at and see the works of His hands.
It is always worth it!

The measure of a man

The measure of a man--whose measure?
Do we look and listen to the world?

The measure of a man-
integrity and truth;
flying in the face of all
that we've been taught from youth!
Looks can be deceiving,
words can do the same,
but that which is inside the heart-
that measure to proclaim.
And that inside the heart should be
the Father and His ways!
That which flows of it should be
integrity and praise!
The measure of a man, it is not
status, is not things;
we must realize this to know
the honor that He brings.

The measure of a man-
revealed in God's plan,
seen in word and deed...
who, then, will succeed?

This world has crooked measuring sticks.
This world sees through tainted glass.
Only through God's requirements can a man truly be known.
How do you measure up?