Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Their worth

The memories, the photographs
still fresh inside the heart...
everybody played a role,
each one had a part...
no matter given class or rank-
respect knows no degree;
each of them that gave their all
earned worth from such as we!
For they are worth remembering
one holiday in May...
they are worth the accolades
each one of us can say!
They are worth reflecting on
each time the flag is shown...
they are worth a thought with every
prayer we intone!

Yes, they are worth our time far more
than Mondays in late May!
Each day is a memorial-
our freedom to convey!
Let us pause more often, giving
honor ALWAYS due!
for them that gave their all unto
the red, the white, the blue!

Each day a memorial, as each one of us reflect on someone gone from our lives.  God is faithful to hear those thoughts and prayers and provide His peace for the loss of them that defend a nation's peace.
Thank you, once more, to the families that have sacrificed.

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