Sunday, May 5, 2013

Secure in Grace

Once again in prayer.  Going to God with plenty to talk about...but will there be time?
So often, we go to prayer in monologue, when God wants it to be dialogue. 
Can we put our lists aside long enough to hear His voice and what HE wants?

The Trinity, the Godhead,
present with us here;
higher, further, deeper yet
than any atmosphere!
Meeting us, transporting us
to another place

away from all anxieties,
surrounded by His Grace!

How great, how grand, how glorious,
the Presence of the King!
Voices, they be silent as
the soul and spirit sing
that song that hasn't any words,
resounding from each one!
So beautiful and wonderful, Lord,

Father, Son and Spirit,
oh, we are Yours always!
We dedicate ourselves anew
but each and all our days!
Ever looking forward to
that place where days are not
as You secure us in The Way--
whatever it has got!"

God is good and wants to hear from you!
Jesus Christ has made the way for us to go beyond mere 'monologue' and provide true conversation with God Almighty...if we allow...if we listen.

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