Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Another day for mother?
"Just another day?"
NO!  So many precious moments,
so many things to say!
Though many miles separate,
the thoughts dismiss the same,
and once again, 'relationship'
so wonderful, to claim!

Mother's Day again?  But I
have treasured her all year!
Every conversation...
each smile...every tear...
every thought a treasure
that I store for always;
"Happy Mother's Day" I say
for, oh, so many days!

'Just another Sunday'
for 'just another mother...?'
No way!  I love her every day
and wouldn't have another!
Oh, that all would feel this way
and honor that sweet one!
I am so very blessed and proud
to say "I am her son!"

No one has ever accused me of being punctual or timely.
These words came last week and never made their way to the Internet...or to mom's ears.  I'm sorry.
"Happy Mother's Day' again to you, mother.  I love you.  You are a wonderful blessing!"

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