Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Holier than thou?"

That saying has become a negative accusation.  But we are called to have higher standards in this dying world.
Can we do so without driving away the very ones that are seeking What we have?

Again to seek the excellence
and settle not for less;
to think and feel and say and do
the things that God would bless!
So high above the world's standards
are the ways He leads-
I call on Him in all I do
and He intercedes!

God, He is so intricate,
"His ways are not my ways!"
He does what He does regardless
be there any praise.
I must strive that His Own nature
be my regimen-
doing all that He commands
in the sight of men;
and in the sight of God Most High
that HE receives all praise!
God-in all His Excellence-
His ways become OUR ways!

My calling-holiness.
OUR calling?  Hmmm...

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