Saturday, May 4, 2013

From the bottom up

At the bottom.
That man over there,

he needs someone to hold him,
he needs someone to care;
when I am there with him alone,
what am I going to share?
He already knows his problem,
he knows wretched shame,
will I relate to him at all,
or will I play the game?

There he is upon the ground,
even on his back,
will my 'religious' arrogance
cut him any slack?
I have the answer that he needs
but how will I deliver?
I've got to find his level to
acquaint him with The Giver!

Loving from the bottom up
is what he understands:
lying there and holding him
with Jesus loving hands!
Loving him back to his feet
whatever that may take;
that eternal difference,
such love will truly make!

I have that love, but am I going to invest what it takes for that man to realize it?
I know The Giver, but how far will I go to assure that he knows Him?
I'm already here at the bottom, will I embrace that man that is here beside me?  I've got to be more concerned about what God tells me to do than what people may think!

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