Monday, May 27, 2013

Choose to reflect

This day means so much to so many, but some only see it as a paid holiday...

I can choose to protest because
someone walked the beat;
I can barbecue because
somebody took the heat;
I can use my Jet-Ski 'cause
so many hit the beach;
and I know all of this because
my schools are free to teach!

That freedom comes, though, with a price-
how many understand?
That price was paid across the sky,

on sea and on the land!
Every branch of service knows
the gratitude we feel;
even God Most High to know-
continuing to heal.

Again, a day Memorial...
again do we reflect
upon the many who gave all
with deepest of respect!
And Father God--the only One
discerning every heart--
grace, sufficient for the day,
so freely to impart.

The purpose of Memorial Day affects each one of us.  If we disagree with this, we are in blatant denial!  Even if you have lost no loved one in a war, you are enjoying the freedom
that other loved ones gave their lives for if you live in America and other places.
Take a moment today to reflect and be grateful to God.

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