Wednesday, May 15, 2013


The telephone rings...

The weight of the emotions;
the pain--it hurts so good.
Seeing what is happening-
doing 'what I should?'
Each day an adventure-
to what does life compare?
Savor every moment;
later on to share.

The 'what,' the 'why,' the 'how' of all
that doesn't seem to end...
the blessing each one to become-
the son, the daughter...friend!
Each be opportunity
to learn, to prosper, grow!
"God, grant us the ability
the wise, in such, to know!

And once again, the telephone-
Advantage may be taken,
but greater blessings be!
We must avail ourselves as far
as we're allowed to go;
limits, though, establishing-
again, so THEY may grow!

Yes, the phone rang.
Yes, we did our best to remedy the situation.
All we can do now is trust, obey and believe.

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