Wednesday, May 15, 2013


"You breathe, oh Lord, and planets fly;
mere 'entertainment' for the eye?
Then why am I to freeze, amazed?
Oh God, are any others fazed?

I see the mountains that You made...
I see the sunset gently fade...
the stars, oh Lord, to then appear-
they only prove that You are near!

What crime has this man ever done?
"He said the He is God's Own Son!"
"Blasphemer!"  "CRUCIFY!!"
"He will hang and He will die!"

Yet, Lord, continue Ye to live.
Without fail, You freely give
life that we cannot obtain-
it comes, though, as Your Blood we gain!

Oh God, You breathe and we get life.
Your Word-it is the sharpest knife!
It separates as life and death!
Oh God, oh God, You're living breath!"

The breath of life...God Most High!
Inhale Him as deeply as you can, and He will cause life to become Life!

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