Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 National Day of Prayer

"O my land, beloved country,
give yourself to God!
He is the only One to bless
the places that you trod.
Lift your arms unto Him,
make your hands applaud;
He is worthy of your praise
and worship...HE IS GOD!
Submit your very heart to Him;
yield to Him your life!
Speak His wisdom and His ways-
His blessings, they are rife!
Turn from wicked practices
that take place among men,
be transformed, be saved, be filled,
o, yes, be born again!
America, America,
surrender--no reserve!
God Most High is able,
Him, only, you should serve!
Him only to repair the damage
making yet a way;
o purpose in your very heart
to trust Him and obey!"

"In desperation, o my God, we cry!
With gratitude we take of Your reply!
Though some, oh Lord, have turned their backs on You,
we KNOW that You remain forever true!"

And the cry goes forth!
Is it only a prayer written for a 'designated' day, or is it truly the cry of a heart desperate for revival?
National DAY of prayer?
I hope not!

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