Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Their worth

The memories, the photographs
still fresh inside the heart...
everybody played a role,
each one had a part...
no matter given class or rank-
respect knows no degree;
each of them that gave their all
earned worth from such as we!
For they are worth remembering
one holiday in May...
they are worth the accolades
each one of us can say!
They are worth reflecting on
each time the flag is shown...
they are worth a thought with every
prayer we intone!

Yes, they are worth our time far more
than Mondays in late May!
Each day is a memorial-
our freedom to convey!
Let us pause more often, giving
honor ALWAYS due!
for them that gave their all unto
the red, the white, the blue!

Each day a memorial, as each one of us reflect on someone gone from our lives.  God is faithful to hear those thoughts and prayers and provide His peace for the loss of them that defend a nation's peace.
Thank you, once more, to the families that have sacrificed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Choose to reflect

This day means so much to so many, but some only see it as a paid holiday...

I can choose to protest because
someone walked the beat;
I can barbecue because
somebody took the heat;
I can use my Jet-Ski 'cause
so many hit the beach;
and I know all of this because
my schools are free to teach!

That freedom comes, though, with a price-
how many understand?
That price was paid across the sky,

on sea and on the land!
Every branch of service knows
the gratitude we feel;
even God Most High to know-
continuing to heal.

Again, a day Memorial...
again do we reflect
upon the many who gave all
with deepest of respect!
And Father God--the only One
discerning every heart--
grace, sufficient for the day,
so freely to impart.

The purpose of Memorial Day affects each one of us.  If we disagree with this, we are in blatant denial!  Even if you have lost no loved one in a war, you are enjoying the freedom
that other loved ones gave their lives for if you live in America and other places.
Take a moment today to reflect and be grateful to God.

Monday, May 20, 2013

God, so giving!

God is so good.
God is so generous!
God has gifted each one of us in the best way possible: the way HE sees fit.
Therefore, each of us is responsible to do the best we can with what He gives us.  Blessed are those who use those gifts for His glory!

Father God, so generous,
so giving and so good!
To do our greatest in return
but each of us, we should!
My gift, it is no 'better' than
the gift He's given you;
You are chosen, highly favored-
what are you going to do?

I have so many words inside,
placed there by His love.
I must arrange them in a way
that blesses Him above.
I am compelled to glorify Him,
furthering His cause;
I must not rest in former verse,
nor revel in applause!

God, so very generous,
the fount to ever flow!
O help me find the words, that many
more, His grace, would know!
For this is why the words are woven
into fresher verse:
that God, He would be glorified,
His mercies to disburse!

His mercy to disburse.
So beautiful is the recompense when we give ourselves to God.
What gifts has He given you?
Are you doing all that you can to glorify Him with them?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blessed and highly favored!

That's what the Word of God says about you if you believe in His ways and accept Him as your Savior!

How fortunate to know of grace
Jesus to provide!
There is no place in all of life
successfully to hide!
His grace and His forgiveness
come from perfect love-
how fortunate be all and any,
Jesus, to know of!

So fortunate the many
belonging to The Lamb!
He is the everything in life,
He is the great "I AM!"
And He is available
to ANY who would call-
love and mercy, life eterne-
and grace provides it all!

Fortunate and favored they
who call out Jesus' Name!
Highly favored are the ones
who fathom why He came!
If, for no other reason, save
that we may understand

KNOW JESUS!  He is available to all and any!  Go to Him just the way you are.  He already knows you anyway!  Do you 'get cleaned up to take a shower?'  Of course not!  So call on Jesus and enjoy His awesome Presence!
You will be blessed!

Perspective again

In the earliest of Spring, a few weeks ago, I looked around and thought

"Ice" sounds like a mystery...
Snow--it is now history!
Spring to finally appear-
life and living all to cheer!

So bright and crisp the morning view;
so brilliant--contrast and each hue!
So wonderful, the morning song;
oh, what glory to belong!

All glory to Creator God...
all of new life to applaud!
He gives that life to even all
who answer to His living call!

Spring anew and so alive!
God Creator to arrive
with bounty that cannot be told-
life afresh for young and old!

Savor Spring and all of its newness.
God has something for each and every one of us, and He tailors it for us exclusively.
Enjoy it!


"You breathe, oh Lord, and planets fly;
mere 'entertainment' for the eye?
Then why am I to freeze, amazed?
Oh God, are any others fazed?

I see the mountains that You made...
I see the sunset gently fade...
the stars, oh Lord, to then appear-
they only prove that You are near!

What crime has this man ever done?
"He said the He is God's Own Son!"
"Blasphemer!"  "CRUCIFY!!"
"He will hang and He will die!"

Yet, Lord, continue Ye to live.
Without fail, You freely give
life that we cannot obtain-
it comes, though, as Your Blood we gain!

Oh God, You breathe and we get life.
Your Word-it is the sharpest knife!
It separates as life and death!
Oh God, oh God, You're living breath!"

The breath of life...God Most High!
Inhale Him as deeply as you can, and He will cause life to become Life!


The telephone rings...

The weight of the emotions;
the pain--it hurts so good.
Seeing what is happening-
doing 'what I should?'
Each day an adventure-
to what does life compare?
Savor every moment;
later on to share.

The 'what,' the 'why,' the 'how' of all
that doesn't seem to end...
the blessing each one to become-
the son, the daughter...friend!
Each be opportunity
to learn, to prosper, grow!
"God, grant us the ability
the wise, in such, to know!

And once again, the telephone-
Advantage may be taken,
but greater blessings be!
We must avail ourselves as far
as we're allowed to go;
limits, though, establishing-
again, so THEY may grow!

Yes, the phone rang.
Yes, we did our best to remedy the situation.
All we can do now is trust, obey and believe.

"Holier than thou?"

That saying has become a negative accusation.  But we are called to have higher standards in this dying world.
Can we do so without driving away the very ones that are seeking What we have?

Again to seek the excellence
and settle not for less;
to think and feel and say and do
the things that God would bless!
So high above the world's standards
are the ways He leads-
I call on Him in all I do
and He intercedes!

God, He is so intricate,
"His ways are not my ways!"
He does what He does regardless
be there any praise.
I must strive that His Own nature
be my regimen-
doing all that He commands
in the sight of men;
and in the sight of God Most High
that HE receives all praise!
God-in all His Excellence-
His ways become OUR ways!

My calling-holiness.
OUR calling?  Hmmm...


Another day for mother?
"Just another day?"
NO!  So many precious moments,
so many things to say!
Though many miles separate,
the thoughts dismiss the same,
and once again, 'relationship'
so wonderful, to claim!

Mother's Day again?  But I
have treasured her all year!
Every conversation...
each smile...every tear...
every thought a treasure
that I store for always;
"Happy Mother's Day" I say
for, oh, so many days!

'Just another Sunday'
for 'just another mother...?'
No way!  I love her every day
and wouldn't have another!
Oh, that all would feel this way
and honor that sweet one!
I am so very blessed and proud
to say "I am her son!"

No one has ever accused me of being punctual or timely.
These words came last week and never made their way to the Internet...or to mom's ears.  I'm sorry.
"Happy Mother's Day' again to you, mother.  I love you.  You are a wonderful blessing!"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Good Life!

God is so good.
Life is so good!
What a blessing it is to be alive.
There is so much to be thankful for.
Each one of us have so much to be thankful for...but is it only 'perspective?'

God, so good, and so alive,
living and so real! 
His ways are far above our own,
His ways none may appeal!
Even all of life to celebrate
His Omnipresence;
Father God to even use
creation as His Presents!

"God, You are so good to me,
my Father and my Friend.
There is none like You, (though very
many would pretend!)
BUT GOD, You are the forefront of
the life that I would live!
All I have, all that I am,
to only You I give!"

God, so good and living
but everywhere I see!
God You were, God You are
and, Father, You will be!
Already there ahead of us,
celebrating each!
To see the good in all of this life,
constantly, Lord, teach!

Life is good!
God created today for you to discover Him is new and good ways.
Look for Him.  FIND HIM!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Get closer!!

"What are you doing?!"  Do you even know?
It's a jungle out there!  Don't go one more day without Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior.  Nobody in this life even comes close...

"So close and yet so far away?"
But Jesus Christ, He is THE WAY!
The Way, the way you can approach
and not experience reproach!
Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
He is the way for us to see,
to see into God's very heart-
grace within for to impart!

"Jesus, Savior of the soul..."
and so much more, so very whole
He makes the life we know right here
and that beyond, as yet unclear!
To know Him living in your heart
will guarantee that you depart
to Heaven when you leave this earth!

"Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me,
You are my Lord and I can see
the glory and the gain in You...
there is no other avenue!
For with You, I have everything
as long as, to Your grace, I cling!
No other I address as 'Lord!'
And none may sever our accord!"

Do you have such a relationship with Him?  THERE'S NOTHING LIKE IT!
Make sure you are born-again before you leave this place!  For Jesus makes even this life richer and more wonderful!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Secure in Grace

Once again in prayer.  Going to God with plenty to talk about...but will there be time?
So often, we go to prayer in monologue, when God wants it to be dialogue. 
Can we put our lists aside long enough to hear His voice and what HE wants?

The Trinity, the Godhead,
present with us here;
higher, further, deeper yet
than any atmosphere!
Meeting us, transporting us
to another place

away from all anxieties,
surrounded by His Grace!

How great, how grand, how glorious,
the Presence of the King!
Voices, they be silent as
the soul and spirit sing
that song that hasn't any words,
resounding from each one!
So beautiful and wonderful, Lord,

Father, Son and Spirit,
oh, we are Yours always!
We dedicate ourselves anew
but each and all our days!
Ever looking forward to
that place where days are not
as You secure us in The Way--
whatever it has got!"

God is good and wants to hear from you!
Jesus Christ has made the way for us to go beyond mere 'monologue' and provide true conversation with God Almighty...if we allow...if we listen.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

From the bottom up

At the bottom.
That man over there,

he needs someone to hold him,
he needs someone to care;
when I am there with him alone,
what am I going to share?
He already knows his problem,
he knows wretched shame,
will I relate to him at all,
or will I play the game?

There he is upon the ground,
even on his back,
will my 'religious' arrogance
cut him any slack?
I have the answer that he needs
but how will I deliver?
I've got to find his level to
acquaint him with The Giver!

Loving from the bottom up
is what he understands:
lying there and holding him
with Jesus loving hands!
Loving him back to his feet
whatever that may take;
that eternal difference,
such love will truly make!

I have that love, but am I going to invest what it takes for that man to realize it?
I know The Giver, but how far will I go to assure that he knows Him?
I'm already here at the bottom, will I embrace that man that is here beside me?  I've got to be more concerned about what God tells me to do than what people may think!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

2013 National Day of Prayer

"O my land, beloved country,
give yourself to God!
He is the only One to bless
the places that you trod.
Lift your arms unto Him,
make your hands applaud;
He is worthy of your praise
and worship...HE IS GOD!
Submit your very heart to Him;
yield to Him your life!
Speak His wisdom and His ways-
His blessings, they are rife!
Turn from wicked practices
that take place among men,
be transformed, be saved, be filled,
o, yes, be born again!
America, America,
surrender--no reserve!
God Most High is able,
Him, only, you should serve!
Him only to repair the damage
making yet a way;
o purpose in your very heart
to trust Him and obey!"

"In desperation, o my God, we cry!
With gratitude we take of Your reply!
Though some, oh Lord, have turned their backs on You,
we KNOW that You remain forever true!"

And the cry goes forth!
Is it only a prayer written for a 'designated' day, or is it truly the cry of a heart desperate for revival?
National DAY of prayer?
I hope not!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

One day late...

April is inviting:
"Spring up!  Enjoy the day!
Celebrate Creator God,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Give to Him your minutes
and life they will become!
Whatever you surrender,
victorious the sum!"

April, so inviting,
though labor is intense!
His work-it is exciting,
the offense and defense!
So many things to do for God,
the time, it is right now!
Every effort to reward,
don't even question how!

April-and so much to do,
He will create the frame.
Against the backdrop of His beauty
praise His holy Name!
Praise Him in your every task,
praise Him in your rest;
spring up and glorify the Lord
and life, it will be blessed!!

Yes, so much to do for God.  He doesn't need us, but He allows us the privilege of participating in His work.  And while we work, He beautifies our surroundings so that we will not become weary in well-doing.
Enjoy serving Him...and don't forget to notice His brand-new April!
(You 'May' still see it!)