Saturday, April 20, 2013


Another busy week.
A lot of new things...a lot of old things...a lot of 'things.'
In spite of all, I must cry out

You are all I ever need,
my Savior and my Friend.
You embrace me even in
those times I might offend.
No greater relationship
have I with anyone,
Lord, like the precious love of You-
God's One Begotten Son!

I love You, my Lord Jesus,
You are a Friend of mine!
Even closer than a brother,
our accord divine!
You know me like no other,
You love me even more;
everything I know about You,
Jesus, I adore!

All I ever need is You-
so very good You are!
All that I do in the day
is never from afar
as You are right here, at my side,
supporting me always.
All I ever need is You,
You're worthy of all praise!"

Jesus is worthy of all praise.
Is that something set aside for a small portion of the day, a certain day of the week?  NEVER!!  He wants to be involved in every part of your day!
Give God your all.  He certainly gives His all for you!

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