Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wonderful Place!

Listen...can you not hear that Trumpet?
Does not the deepest heart yearn to be with Him in that wonderful Place?!

Heaven, o so beautiful
and calling more and more!
Life, and so abundant there
upon that Glory shore!
"Home..." it sounds so wonderful
with Jesus all the time!
With labors all to cease, does that mean
'perfect' every rhyme?

But such is not to matter-
And o so very glorious
the bounty He will share!
Basking in the Presence of
the Father and the Son,
enjoying all that waits beyond
Him saying "It is done!"
And enjoying Jesus-
He's the reason that we came!
Heaven wouldn't be unless
we called His blessed Name!
Our Heaven wouldn't be unless
He told God "Here am I!"
Heaven--oh so wonderful,
and Jesus Christ is why!!

Heaven awaits...IF we are born again and have Jesus in our hearts!
Will I see you there?

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