Friday, April 5, 2013

Present Peace

Life happens...sometimes at a pace that we cannot even fathom!
While that life is happening, how do you handle it?

So much, the peace that is as life
is reeling, spinning 'round.
In the middle of it all
one place remaining sound;
one place of security
in midst of all alarms,
one place like not another:
inside of Jesus' arms.

The Lord, He is stability
when His arms open wide!
And when His arms are in embrace,
I am secure inside!
Those arms, they never falter,
those arms, they never fail;
there is no way to know, in full,
all that those arms entail!

So much, the peace that is with life,
the arms of God, to know!
That peace-it is so very real,
the Father to bestow!
Regardless of the speed of life,
those arms remain secure;
they are that one assurance we
can prosper and endure!

The arms of God.  The most secure location!  There is no safer place to be.
The arms of God.  Is it a place to go, or is it a place that goes with you? 

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