Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Life again to happen-
steps be ordered yet!
There be no cause for panic as
the Lord says "This I'll get!"
There is cause, though, for growing as
we've not been here before;
Life, and it's "opportunities-"
"Oh God, we need You more!"

But God, for He is well aware
of all that's going on.
I get up every morning and,
His righteousness, I don.
He knew the situation and
He sees the victory;
I have to live the confidence
that He provides for me.

Life to happen constantly
with situations real.
Opportunities for to
experience, to feel.
Never I alone to live
the times that come and go,
but God--in many Presences--
assuredly I know!

Life is happening, but has already seen what is going on AND He already sees the results.  Should I not, therefore, have peace knowing that He is in control?
Ah...but that Peace is so wonderful!

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