Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning hurts

Trying to enjoy the view...
There is fullness, there is hope, there is is morning.
And there is pain...

The glory of the morning is
in spite of how I feel.
Though it hurts, there is so much
glory to reveal!
The physical, emotional,
whatever be the cause,
Jesus is the answer and
He gives such needed pause!

The glory of the morning-
more glorious always
when Jesus Christ is called upon
and given rightful praise!
The pain that I am going through
is lessened in His Presence-
He reminds we are God's children
and not wayward peasants!

The glory of the morning-
do not let it go by
without a visit with the One
your soul to satisfy!
He is always, He is morning,
He is healing, too!
And He is all of this and more
for even such as you!

Though pain be part of the morning, Jesus Christ is the greatest part...HE IS ALL!  Take your pain to Him and ask Him to heal you.  He is able...even first thing in the morning.
THEN you can truly enjoy the view!

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