Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Just give me a chance!"

Pain...once again.
This time, it is me that has inflicted it.
Just repent and ask for forgiveness, right?
Oh...if it were just that easy with my fellow man...

"I know that I have hurt you.
Won't you give me a chance?!
I've asked for your forgiveness, our
relationship enhance.
I did not mean to hurt you,
that was not my intent;
but, to isolate yourself,
it seems you are still bent!"

"But God, that cannot happen with You!
For You are mercy, grace.
If I offend You, You correct
in manners that embrace.
Your character is that which cannot
leave, it cannot pout;
oh God, in our relationship,
I have not any doubt.
I know that You are with me
as I draw near to You.
You cannot treat me as a man,
Your character is true!
For I shall exercise Your ways
until resolve occurs;
oh bring about that healing that
'forgiveness' yet infers."

God's mercy is far more advanced than my own.  His is perfect.  I choose to cling to Him and His ways as I pray for my brother man's resolve.

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