Tuesday, April 9, 2013


oh the wonder of His Presence...the glory of His grace.
No matter how the day goes, Jesus is always there.

Your grace, it is sufficient, Lord,
though often so unseen.
Your grace, it is the impetus
for blessings to convene!
Wonderful, Your grace, oh Lord,
in all of daily living-
Your grace-it is the reason You,
so constantly, are giving!

How precious did that grace appear,
and is appearing yet!
Oh help me live that I display
the grace I freely get.
Free to me...yet costliest
as You have paid the price;
free to us because of JESUS-
greatest sacrifice!

O so very generous-
Jesus, Lord to me!
I am alive, born-again,
healed and set free!
All in Jesus Christ alone-
God's amazing grace!
Precious be the love of God
unto the human race!!

No matter what the future holds, Jesus will always be there.  Even there at that place that we are dreading, that appointment that we are so unclear about...He is already there.  And greater, He is beyond that appointment, with the answer, with the provisions, with the solution that we just cannot see!
Jesus...Jesus...Jesus...trust Him completely.  He is worthy.

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