Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jesus in all!

Life goes on...
There is much living to do besides "churchy" things.  But Jesus Christ in your heart can be part of 'those' things, too!  There is no cause for 'regression?' as long as you are displaying His grace and moving to the beat of the Holy Spirit.

The constancy of Jesus-
so living and so real!
O let Him be alive inside
and dare not try conceal!
Jesus in your word and deed,
Jesus in your face!
Jesus in your life alive
and due alone His grace!

     Jesus, grace to carry,
     to stable and sustain;
     Oh let mine every action
     be for the Kingdom's gain!

Yes, so living and so wonderful-
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
The body, spirit and the soul
may, all of Him, afford!
Jesus, Lord and Savior,
Jesus, Risen King!
In every facet of your living
let His graces ring!

Yes, Jesus is so alive and WANTING to be involved in everything you do!

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