Monday, April 8, 2013

"First" again?

Life anew...again?
Since God is 'constant,' is there anything new to Him?
I wonder...

And in the dawn abounding
recognize His Being.
Give Him praise and adoration
for all you are seeing!
He is lone Creator of
the very sight you know!
Creator God creating,
causing day to flow!
Day to flow with blessing
from storehouses replete!
Day to flow with lifeblood
from wounded hands and feet!
Day to flow with Presence
of One Who cannot fail!
Day to flow with all I need-
His grace for to avail!

And day to flow with beauty
as life again awakes;
with color and with contrast
vision reels and quakes!
Behold the moving of His hands,
behold His breath alive,
behold the bounty of the dawn
to faithfully arrive!

God is so good!
God is so present all throughout the day...but He is so evident and involved in the creation...praise Him!
And as special as morning is to us, is it any more special to Him?
I wonder...

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