Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We hear it again, "Peace, peace..." but there is none.  It is only a lie from The Deceiver!

has this place got a clue?
Lord Jesus, my security
is solely based in You!
Wars, and rumors of the same,
are constant in this place;
the same, they lose their sting as we
are steadfast in Your grace.
But Jesus, You said such would be
as we approach the end.
Few are far between be those
we might consider 'friend.'
Brothers even would arise
against their very house-
the enemy's agenda bear,
all wickedness espouse!

Oh God, it is before our eyes
but every single day!
We cling as best we can unto
the straight and Narrow Way!
O come, Lord Jesus, have Your way,
Your purposes uphold
as we arise, a chosen people,
resolute and bold!"

Political?  Ethnic?  Social?  No and yes.  These are but symptoms of a spiritual battle whose tactics grow more and more deceptive and repulsive as time goes on.
Stand on you knees and fight like a man!!

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