Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning hurts

Trying to enjoy the view...
There is fullness, there is hope, there is is morning.
And there is pain...

The glory of the morning is
in spite of how I feel.
Though it hurts, there is so much
glory to reveal!
The physical, emotional,
whatever be the cause,
Jesus is the answer and
He gives such needed pause!

The glory of the morning-
more glorious always
when Jesus Christ is called upon
and given rightful praise!
The pain that I am going through
is lessened in His Presence-
He reminds we are God's children
and not wayward peasants!

The glory of the morning-
do not let it go by
without a visit with the One
your soul to satisfy!
He is always, He is morning,
He is healing, too!
And He is all of this and more
for even such as you!

Though pain be part of the morning, Jesus Christ is the greatest part...HE IS ALL!  Take your pain to Him and ask Him to heal you.  He is able...even first thing in the morning.
THEN you can truly enjoy the view!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Oh, the glory of His creation!
Just close your eyes and see...

Again to pen the wonder-
the glory of the Lord!
Handiwork majestic
morning to afford!
Even that itself to be
a product of creation:
God to manufacture time
and its each fascination!

Day replete with wonder-
o praise Almighty God!
The lightning and the thunder,
the calm that be unflawed!
Day and night competing?
But God, He is the same!
In EVERY hour fleeting
behold creation's flame!

So wonderful, so glorious the handiwork of God!  No matter how busy your day is, regardless how frantic it starts out, all you must do is open your eyes and see Him, beholding the work of His hands!
Don't miss Him!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Just give me a chance!"

Pain...once again.
This time, it is me that has inflicted it.
Just repent and ask for forgiveness, right?
Oh...if it were just that easy with my fellow man...

"I know that I have hurt you.
Won't you give me a chance?!
I've asked for your forgiveness, our
relationship enhance.
I did not mean to hurt you,
that was not my intent;
but, to isolate yourself,
it seems you are still bent!"

"But God, that cannot happen with You!
For You are mercy, grace.
If I offend You, You correct
in manners that embrace.
Your character is that which cannot
leave, it cannot pout;
oh God, in our relationship,
I have not any doubt.
I know that You are with me
as I draw near to You.
You cannot treat me as a man,
Your character is true!
For I shall exercise Your ways
until resolve occurs;
oh bring about that healing that
'forgiveness' yet infers."

God's mercy is far more advanced than my own.  His is perfect.  I choose to cling to Him and His ways as I pray for my brother man's resolve.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


We hear it again, "Peace, peace..." but there is none.  It is only a lie from The Deceiver!

has this place got a clue?
Lord Jesus, my security
is solely based in You!
Wars, and rumors of the same,
are constant in this place;
the same, they lose their sting as we
are steadfast in Your grace.
But Jesus, You said such would be
as we approach the end.
Few are far between be those
we might consider 'friend.'
Brothers even would arise
against their very house-
the enemy's agenda bear,
all wickedness espouse!

Oh God, it is before our eyes
but every single day!
We cling as best we can unto
the straight and Narrow Way!
O come, Lord Jesus, have Your way,
Your purposes uphold
as we arise, a chosen people,
resolute and bold!"

Political?  Ethnic?  Social?  No and yes.  These are but symptoms of a spiritual battle whose tactics grow more and more deceptive and repulsive as time goes on.
Stand on you knees and fight like a man!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

What next?

In the face of violence,
once again we gather.
We bind together, even though
emotions be a-lather.
In the the eyes
you can hear each voice;
to forgive and move beyond--
what a blessed choice.

Moving on--so powerful,
what resilient force!
God alone to vindicate,
let Him run His course.
For now, we have each other
with healing in our arms;
securely hold each other
through each and all alarms!

"Fear not, for I am with you
even in disaster.
Do not give place to vengeance
but cling unto your Master!
I see and know the perpetrators
and I have a Plan;
only reach out with compassion
to your fellow man."

Life happens.
Why do certain things happens?
Why do bad things happen to good people?
I don't know.  But I do know that God is right here hurting with us, healing us and inviting us to move on.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Another busy week.
A lot of new things...a lot of old things...a lot of 'things.'
In spite of all, I must cry out

You are all I ever need,
my Savior and my Friend.
You embrace me even in
those times I might offend.
No greater relationship
have I with anyone,
Lord, like the precious love of You-
God's One Begotten Son!

I love You, my Lord Jesus,
You are a Friend of mine!
Even closer than a brother,
our accord divine!
You know me like no other,
You love me even more;
everything I know about You,
Jesus, I adore!

All I ever need is You-
so very good You are!
All that I do in the day
is never from afar
as You are right here, at my side,
supporting me always.
All I ever need is You,
You're worthy of all praise!"

Jesus is worthy of all praise.
Is that something set aside for a small portion of the day, a certain day of the week?  NEVER!!  He wants to be involved in every part of your day!
Give God your all.  He certainly gives His all for you!

Monday, April 15, 2013


The shadow of the eagle--so imposing!
Seldom he to glide at such a height.
Catching him aloft at such an hour-
fascination surely to excite!
Impossible to hear him at the moment,
imagining his cry, though, on locale;
beholding majesty in utter silence-
not a thing to cause it go afoul!

What a wonder!  What precious situation to find one's self in! 
Even if it may be a hawk on the glide, enjoy the majesty of God's wonderful creatures and creation!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Soaring into morning
creation into view...
the first beholding contrast
developing of hue!
The glory of creation
once more before my sight
mountains, plains and canyons-
vision to delight!
First the very silhouette
upon horizon crest...
eventually, each detail is
as colors, they are stressed...
filling in, filling out,
until light is complete;
creation in its glory-
the Father's touch replete!

Soaring into morning,
praising Him always!
God the great creator
inhabiting all praise!
Praise from every living thing
in oh so many ways!
All creation testify
in shadow of His rays!

Oh, the light of God to reveal the glory of His Majesty, the glory of His creation!
Don't let the morning end without telling Him how great He is and how glorious the works of His hands!
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jesus in all!

Life goes on...
There is much living to do besides "churchy" things.  But Jesus Christ in your heart can be part of 'those' things, too!  There is no cause for 'regression?' as long as you are displaying His grace and moving to the beat of the Holy Spirit.

The constancy of Jesus-
so living and so real!
O let Him be alive inside
and dare not try conceal!
Jesus in your word and deed,
Jesus in your face!
Jesus in your life alive
and due alone His grace!

     Jesus, grace to carry,
     to stable and sustain;
     Oh let mine every action
     be for the Kingdom's gain!

Yes, so living and so wonderful-
Jesus, Jesus Lord!
The body, spirit and the soul
may, all of Him, afford!
Jesus, Lord and Savior,
Jesus, Risen King!
In every facet of your living
let His graces ring!

Yes, Jesus is so alive and WANTING to be involved in everything you do!

Wonderful Place!

Listen...can you not hear that Trumpet?
Does not the deepest heart yearn to be with Him in that wonderful Place?!

Heaven, o so beautiful
and calling more and more!
Life, and so abundant there
upon that Glory shore!
"Home..." it sounds so wonderful
with Jesus all the time!
With labors all to cease, does that mean
'perfect' every rhyme?

But such is not to matter-
And o so very glorious
the bounty He will share!
Basking in the Presence of
the Father and the Son,
enjoying all that waits beyond
Him saying "It is done!"
And enjoying Jesus-
He's the reason that we came!
Heaven wouldn't be unless
we called His blessed Name!
Our Heaven wouldn't be unless
He told God "Here am I!"
Heaven--oh so wonderful,
and Jesus Christ is why!!

Heaven awaits...IF we are born again and have Jesus in our hearts!
Will I see you there?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


oh the wonder of His Presence...the glory of His grace.
No matter how the day goes, Jesus is always there.

Your grace, it is sufficient, Lord,
though often so unseen.
Your grace, it is the impetus
for blessings to convene!
Wonderful, Your grace, oh Lord,
in all of daily living-
Your grace-it is the reason You,
so constantly, are giving!

How precious did that grace appear,
and is appearing yet!
Oh help me live that I display
the grace I freely get.
Free to me...yet costliest
as You have paid the price;
free to us because of JESUS-
greatest sacrifice!

O so very generous-
Jesus, Lord to me!
I am alive, born-again,
healed and set free!
All in Jesus Christ alone-
God's amazing grace!
Precious be the love of God
unto the human race!!

No matter what the future holds, Jesus will always be there.  Even there at that place that we are dreading, that appointment that we are so unclear about...He is already there.  And greater, He is beyond that appointment, with the answer, with the provisions, with the solution that we just cannot see! Him completely.  He is worthy.

Monday, April 8, 2013

"First" again?

Life anew...again?
Since God is 'constant,' is there anything new to Him?
I wonder...

And in the dawn abounding
recognize His Being.
Give Him praise and adoration
for all you are seeing!
He is lone Creator of
the very sight you know!
Creator God creating,
causing day to flow!
Day to flow with blessing
from storehouses replete!
Day to flow with lifeblood
from wounded hands and feet!
Day to flow with Presence
of One Who cannot fail!
Day to flow with all I need-
His grace for to avail!

And day to flow with beauty
as life again awakes;
with color and with contrast
vision reels and quakes!
Behold the moving of His hands,
behold His breath alive,
behold the bounty of the dawn
to faithfully arrive!

God is so good!
God is so present all throughout the day...but He is so evident and involved in the creation...praise Him!
And as special as morning is to us, is it any more special to Him?
I wonder...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thank You, Lord!

"Thank You more!
As I look at the sunset this evening, Father, I have to thank You more!
As I look back and see how You orchestrated those encounters I had today, I have to thank You more.
As I recall those flowers and trees that caught my attention this morning, I have to thank You more!
So much to be thankful for.  How often do we take it for granted?

So glorious, the morning You
created on the land;
the colors You invented and
then spread them out by hand!
The animals that You designed
then showed each one to me...
Oh Lord, I want to thank You more
than ever there could be!"

Look around.  There is so much beauty that is right in front of your life!  Notice it.  Glorify God for it.  He put it there...all for us to enjoy.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Present Peace

Life happens...sometimes at a pace that we cannot even fathom!
While that life is happening, how do you handle it?

So much, the peace that is as life
is reeling, spinning 'round.
In the middle of it all
one place remaining sound;
one place of security
in midst of all alarms,
one place like not another:
inside of Jesus' arms.

The Lord, He is stability
when His arms open wide!
And when His arms are in embrace,
I am secure inside!
Those arms, they never falter,
those arms, they never fail;
there is no way to know, in full,
all that those arms entail!

So much, the peace that is with life,
the arms of God, to know!
That peace-it is so very real,
the Father to bestow!
Regardless of the speed of life,
those arms remain secure;
they are that one assurance we
can prosper and endure!

The arms of God.  The most secure location!  There is no safer place to be.
The arms of God.  Is it a place to go, or is it a place that goes with you? 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Get up!"

First light...
What a way to start the day...

Animals abundant,
"Good morning!" would they say;
passive and assertive,
as I begin the day.
Some greetings are so subtle,
with a precious grace;
others-they are not-as they
get right into your face!

What gifts-so very wonderful-
family members they;
gifts straight from the hand of God
to cherish on The Way.
All sizes, shapes and colors-
life, and life abounding.
So wealthy is that one that has
such animals surrounding!

OK.  I'm up.  Hope you animals are happy!
"Thank You, Lord, for the ways that You begin the day!"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Longing once again...

Jesus is coming!

"How long, oh Lord, until, until
You split the eastern sky?
ow long until that spectacle
beheld by EVERY eye?!
Not only for escape from every
burden that has been,
but, Lord, to worship You forever
with the born-again!
You are worthy of the worship
coming from the heart!
You are worthy of the glory
life is to impart!
You are worthy of the praise
from each and every voice!

How long to wonder...oh, the wonder
You forever be!
How long until Your glory, Lord,
our own two eyes will see?!
But Lord!  We celebrate You, spending
all our lives 'til then
learning more of You and going
forth to tell all men!"

Jesus IS coming!
I know we have heard that for years...but that just means that we are that many years closer to His return!  Don't ever give up!


Life again to happen-
steps be ordered yet!
There be no cause for panic as
the Lord says "This I'll get!"
There is cause, though, for growing as
we've not been here before;
Life, and it's "opportunities-"
"Oh God, we need You more!"

But God, for He is well aware
of all that's going on.
I get up every morning and,
His righteousness, I don.
He knew the situation and
He sees the victory;
I have to live the confidence
that He provides for me.

Life to happen constantly
with situations real.
Opportunities for to
experience, to feel.
Never I alone to live
the times that come and go,
but God--in many Presences--
assuredly I know!

Life is happening, but has already seen what is going on AND He already sees the results.  Should I not, therefore, have peace knowing that He is in control?
Ah...but that Peace is so wonderful!