Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Words again...more words...

But what are words upon reflection
of the Risen Lord?
The glory of His majesty
eternally adored!
That He would even come to ME-
I cannot understand!
I am undone as I behold Him
reaching out His hand!

Words again,...but what are words?!
I'm silent in His sight!
And then He says to me that, in me,
He takes great delight?!
So beautiful, so holy...
so glorious is He,
but He would lower Himself and come
to fellowship with me?

Words...my words...He listens to
each one that I would say.
So high and holy...yet He walks
with me throughout the day!
I am so very fortunate,
yet I am not alone-
this very same relationship
to ANY can be known!

As I reflect upon the Lord
I do so from His side!
He walks with me and talks with me,
so constant to abide!
He loves me more than words can say,
He calls me as His child!
This beautiful relationship
will NEVER be defiled!

Words...a man of words.  Every time I spend time with Him, there are new words to be found!  What a wonderful Savior and Friend Jesus is!

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