Friday, March 29, 2013

Wonderful turmoil!

The events of today have been painful...confusing...infuriating, but He said that it must happen!
So much happening.  So much we do not understand, but we are clinging to that which we do understand:  Jesus loves us and has our best interests in mind!

See the tomb foreboding...
hear the promise yet.
Of that which is occurring, how
can ANY glory get?!
He told me what would happen
but He spoke with such a hope!
In the damage, in the dark,
He tells us yet to cope?

I saw the others, they each fled
confused and in denial;
I waited in the shadows as
they rushed Him into trial;
Convicted, sentenced to the Cross
before the dawn could come...
again, the fullness of it all,
who could know the sum!

And now, He said that He will rise-
again, who understands?!
I saw His body!  There's no way
for Him to break the bands!!
But I must cling to what He said,
He has not lied before.
I must believe that He will conquer,
I have to trust Him more!

Oh, the glory!
See Him.  See Him!  SEE HIM!  HE IS RISEN!!

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