Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Visible Dawn

Through the dawn approaching
life-it is avowed:
see the radiance shining!
Hail, glory cloud!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
evident always-
see Him in the morning,
join the endless praise:
praise unto the Father, He
created time at all!
Praise unto the Son Who joins us
in Love's only call!
Praise unto the Spirit--They
are One and thriving here!
In the dawn approaching
Jesus Christ is clear!

In the dawn approaching,
(and all throughout the day,)
praise Him in the highest,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Live Him in His glory,
for He is life and living!
In the glory of the dawn
God is ever-giving!

Oh, the reality of God in everything...ALWAYS!  Not just in the morning, but what a glorious Presence to wake up to!
Welcome God in the morning and invite Him to join you in all that you do...?  Or cry out to Him and avail yourself to all that HE wants to do!  Yes, He is THAT real!

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