Thursday, March 28, 2013

This week's Love

Thursday...and the thoughts continue.  Along with them, so are the answers from the Holy Spirit about His thoughts toward us this week...

He holds me as I shed those tears
and it is music to His ears.
It pleasures my God to respond-
of me He is so very fond!

How can such relation be?
He knows the everything of me,
yet His desire is to stay
around me all throughout the day!

Jesus, Jesus...closer more
than anyone to come, before;
Jesus, inside, outside, too;
He knows me and He always knew!

How can such relation be?
It's His desire for such as we!
All He has is good for us.
The Perfect Savior--Lord Jesus!

He loves you.
He has plans for your life, and those plans are to prosper and to bless you!
As we look to Him this Holy Week, always recall that He is looking at you and wanting you.  Don't hold back!

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