Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What are you going to do?

The Presence of God.
What does it mean to you?  Does it mean anything.  Do you ignore Him...take His Presence for granted?
No matter what, His Presence IS in your life.  What are you going to do?

In His Presence now,
Him Who sealed my vow.
Whatever time of day
He is the only Way!
I call upon His Name;
His wonders I proclaim!
He joins me in my praise,
all of life to raise!!

With His Presence now,
empowerment endow!
Going forth and bold,
what will this day hold!
The plans that I know of,
(those waiting in His love,)
for sure will come to be-
there will be victory!

In His Presence real-
see Him, hear Him, feel!
Victory for sure
to all who will endure!
Know His Presence real!
Yes, see Him, hear Him, feel!
He is availed to you;
to Him will you be true?

To Him will YOU be true?  Life's most important question.
Give your heart and life to Jesus.  Again, He can and will do more with it than you can!  But that's not the greatest blessing!  The greatest blessing is being in His Presence, knowing and enjoying the fullness and wonder that He is!

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