Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring to life!

Finally, beautiful vestiges of Spring!
Celebrate the new life, won't you?

Living day of spring-
first to promise bring!
Listen to each bird-
try to catch each word!

So beautiful, evidence
of the season change.
So perfect is the order
our Father to arrange!
So fortunate, the ones who make
the effort to behold;
signs of winter on the run-
so subtle and so bold!
Signs of winter on the run,
but, greater, signs of spring!
Even that inside the heart
to sing, to brightly sing!
Sing to God Creator, He
so beautiful, so real!
Oh, the season to unfold
with so much to reveal!

Day alive in spring-
"Sing, ye living, sing!
God to glorify!
Praise His Name on high!"

God is so good!  Praise His Name for the wonderful order He set in place!
Notice the signs of season change and look forward to the newness of His Promises!
He is Life...NEW Life!

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