Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slow down!

Life alive and all around-
so busy is the day!
"Jump in and do your very best
or get out of the way?!"
But stop and listen closely,
behold all that you can.
God is good and gives that life
alive, o busy man!
And know His mighty Presence
but all throughout the day.
Invite Him to that meeting,
(He'll be there anyway!)
Enjoy Him as you drive along,
see Him in every face;
and when is come that time of rest
reflect upon His grace.

So wonderful, so vital-
Jesus and His grace!
In this life so present;
and HE will set the pace!
Cling to Him and trust Him,
for He will do you right;
giving Him the day will fill
your living with delight!

Have you found that delight yet?  Is it always delightful?
Surely there were things in my day today that were not delightful, but as I reflect upon what happened, I can see God right there using us...and the delight that is now.
Please pray for Bob & Judy.  Bob was put into the hospital this morning due to dehydration.  They are both committed believers belonging to Jesus, so we KNOW that they will be fine.  The delight is that Bob is getting the care that he needs right now.

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