Thursday, March 7, 2013


What noise!  What tumult!  What a celebration!

As He rides to destiny
I find myself right there.
Are my actions any different?
Will I help prepare?
How can I celebrate His entry

knowing what's ahead?
I have to focus on His goal
to properly be led.
To focus on His suffering
would dampen victory?
The same must oft be amplified
lest there be apathy.
Lest I forget the fullness of
the heart of God the Father,
knowing of His suffering-
I can't forget to bother.

Still, He rides to destiny
o'er branches of the palm.
Though He be the Prince of Peace
there be not any calm!
Celebration is as He
let's nothing interfere;
the fullness of His love for us
remaining ever clear!

And ride--He rides to destiny
with me upon His mind.
When He looks into my eyes
what is He going to find?

He rides even today.  Everything He set out to accomplish He has done.  The victory is sure, but He continues to go to and fro seeking more to follow Him.  
"Behold what manner of Love the Father has given unto us!"

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