Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Soul Partakes!

"Lord Jesus, o the week that is..."

"Mere days upon a calendar?
No!  But days ALIVE!
Because of all that You went through
we prosper and we thrive!
The life that You are, Jesus Christ,
of this do we partake-
nothing else, (no one else,)
can, such a difference, make!

Jesus, You are so alive
as once more we reflect.
You had to live, You had to die-
our sins for to deflect!
Oh, but You're alive again
and, therefore, we are too!
Alive and prospering because
of everything You do!

Once again reflecting?
But You are every day!
"Mere days upon a calendar?"
the world, it may say!
But You are life alive to us
who live Your life always.
Lord Jesus, thank You for the wonder
of these Holy Days!"

Enjoy the days that are, keep their significance in the forefront as you do, and remember JESUS IS ALIVE!

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