Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Days

"The Last Days."
We've heard of it before.  We hear it all the time. 
Does that lessen the importance of it?
Remember, with each day that passes, we are one day closer to His return!

Days...the days amassing
before the very end?
For the past few years He's become
closer than a friend.
We've seen Him almost every day
and now He says He's leaving?!
His statements are not understood
or folks just aren't believing!

He's speaking now of torture,
betrayal, even death!
And there's almost an "excitement"
gathered in His breath.
He says that where He's going
we cannot go just yet...
again, how can one understand?
His meaning can we get?

Oh, but we KNOW His excitement,
the life that will be made!
Death is temporary,
the pain, for it will fade.
And victory prevails
as He is yet so living!
Know the truths of Passion Week
and all that God is giving!

The suffering of Jesus
so relevant, so real.
He felt it all so such as we,
we would not have to feel?
He lived it all so that our lives
they could be that much more...
Jesus Christ--He is at all
to love, lead and restore!

The days are at hand.  The final days?  Yes and no.  True, we are in the last days.  True, these were Jesus' last days before the Cross.  Let us be careful to recall all that Jesus went through to purchase our souls, while realizing just how precious little time we may have left to let others know.

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