Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jesus, The Word!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...The Word become flesh!  We are so blessed to have God the Savior lower Himself to come to us!
How is your relationship with Him?
I know that I must have Him constantly in my day.  And with Him there, I am able to hear Him prompt me to do things that I would not normally do:  Help someone...pray for someone...pray with someone...and have that word that they need to hear right then!
Jesus the Word is so alive!  As I partake of the pages, I see them come to life in my daily living...

Jesus Christ in Word alive-
so is this ancient Book.
More than dusty pages only
parted for a look!
More than something carried so that
others may behold;
the Bible-it is Jesus Christ-
and constantly foretold!

Where is it in my living walk
and day-to-day affairs?
Where is it in the very talk
that, without effort, airs?
If it is not so deep in me
that it is seen and heard,
then what's the point of even living
Jesus Christ the Word?!

But Jesus Christ, the Bible, He
remains alive and living!
See those pages and receive
the Life that He be giving!
Never let the "same old, same old..."
have its way with you,
but savor Christ the Living Word
anew in ALL you do!

Jesus Christ-the Word alive!
But how can He be alive within unless we partake of Him daily?
Open up that Book and listen to Jesus' voice!

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