Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jesus, the Peace!

A letter in the mail...
A phone call inducing panic...
A knock on the door...whatever it is, life happens.

Peace in spite of problems...
calm when there is not...
knowing Him-the One Who's Peace-
and oh the love He's got!
Situations are so real
that seek to steal that peace,
but each of them, unto the Lord,
I freely can release!

So freely I converse with Him,
so freely He responds;
the love between us, greater far
than any other bonds!
Love that overtakes all issues-
peace to generate!
Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace,
so good and oh, so great!

Peace in spite of problems;
and present, He, always!
He's so alive and He is constant
in so many ways!
Jesus Christ-the only perfect Peace
that is and ever!
Know Him as your Savior-have that
perfect Peace forever!

What a wonderful peace Jesus is!
And even when everything is going good and peace is abounding, Jesus is right there to celebrate with you!  Don't ignore Him.

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