Monday, March 25, 2013

Jesus is Easter!

A brand new week...and, oh, what a week!
So many different emotions...each of them real!
With all that Jesus went through this week, we must not lose sight of the fact that HE IS ALIVE and ALWAYS with us!

Jesus Christ alive and
everything--life's total sum!
He is all and everything
before and to become!
Regardless what becomes of anything
in this life done,
one thing to matter all along:
"Is Jesus #1?"

Oh, the Lord alive, alive-
but give Him your life, too!
He can do far more with it
than you can ever do!
Following His constant lead
will never be a bore!
He is living now and He
is life forevermore!

Jesus Christ alive ALWAYS
and so in love with you!
Make the choice to live for Him-
for He has chosen you!
So different that living is,
so wonderful, so true;
live Him to the uttermost
in everything you do!

Jesus is Life, and Easter is Jesus. 
Don't let anything else distract you from seeing and knowing the Life that is "Easter!"

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