Thursday, March 14, 2013

He is Easter!

Easter is coming in a few weeks.
For a lot of folks, it's just a few days in spring that the kids get out of school.  These days, some kids don't even get that much time off!
Remember "Easter Vacation?"  Now, they call it "Spring Break!"  And in some places, it isn't anywhere near "Easter" on the calendar!
Let's get back...

Hear the anthems ring!
Hear the voices sing!
Jesus Christ adored-
Master, Savior...Lord!

"You are worthy of the music
generated deep!
You are worthy of the songs
within the heart to keep!
You are worthy of our living-
all throughout the day!
You are Jesus, Son of God,
the Truth the Life, the Way!"

Hear the celebration!
Establish One relation!
Jesus-Lord of all,
answer to His Call!

Yes, answer to His Call.  He calls each and all of us to invite Him into our hearts.  There, He will  dwell and help us through all that we go through.
There, He will direct our paths so that we will go through what He desires.
There, He will assure us a place in Heaven for all eternity!
Easter is Life!

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