Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

God gave His only Son.
His only Son gave all.
For our sins and trespasses
He came and took the fall.
He suffered and was tortured,
death to thence arrive.
The same, though, to be temporary:

The suffering He went through,
our healing for to bring.
The grave was only temporary-
gone, its wretched sting!
His Kingship, though, so permanent,
in this life and the next!
Oh, we shall serve Him e'er eterne,
and never be perplexed!!

Easter-Jesus is alive
and, in Him, do we live!
We prosper in the living Blood
our Savior is to give!
O celebrate His living with
your each and every breath!
So permanent-His love for us,
so transient was His death!

Yes, Jesus is alive!
Celebrate that life as you partake of Him today!
Happy Easter!

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