Saturday, March 30, 2013

Giving up?

Saturday.  24 hours.  Twenty-four hours.
Are these hours any longer than others?
I'm sure to His disciples and followers they seemed like an eternity!

How lengthy are the hours?
How painful are the same?
Are any spent in contemplation
of pretentious claim?
How can one think of "rise again"
with this pain in the heart?!
Since none have come back from the dead,
we might as well depart!

And though I attempt to speak as one in the day, I cannot stay focused knowing that tomorrow morning He will be alive!!
We must focus on that...even when we think our prayers are bouncing off the ceiling!
We have got to cling to that...even when there seems to be no hope to cling to!
The day may be full of pain and disappointment...but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!

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