Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cause for celebration?!

The 'road' to Easter.  It is paved with every emotion known.  The greatest of these be JOY!

Celebrate, celebrate,
o celebrate The King!
Jesus Christ alive, alive,
but all creation sing!
Allow His praises to resound,
resounding from the deep!
Praises fill the heart alive-
but do NOT let them keep!

Celebrate the living Lord,
for He is worthy of
all the life inside of us,
the honor and the love!
Laud Him!  Love Him!  Live Him in
the constancy of life!
Know that He is in the midst-
from ecstasy to strife!

Celebrate the Lord alive,
let NOTHING interfere!
Know that He's aware of ALL
and closer than just NEAR!
He is worthy of the party
that will never end!
O celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ-
your EVERYTHING expend!

I am excited about Jesus Christ!  Are you?
The next few weeks are very painful for HIm.  In the next few weeks He will endure what no other person can....but it's NOT the end!  Not that we should take it lightly, but that we should be even more thankful...even more joyful because He has overcome and made each of us victors!  JOINT-HEIRS WITH HIM!
O celebrate JESUS with me, won't you?

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