Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

God gave His only Son.
His only Son gave all.
For our sins and trespasses
He came and took the fall.
He suffered and was tortured,
death to thence arrive.
The same, though, to be temporary:

The suffering He went through,
our healing for to bring.
The grave was only temporary-
gone, its wretched sting!
His Kingship, though, so permanent,
in this life and the next!
Oh, we shall serve Him e'er eterne,
and never be perplexed!!

Easter-Jesus is alive
and, in Him, do we live!
We prosper in the living Blood
our Savior is to give!
O celebrate His living with
your each and every breath!
So permanent-His love for us,
so transient was His death!

Yes, Jesus is alive!
Celebrate that life as you partake of Him today!
Happy Easter!

Giving up?

Saturday.  24 hours.  Twenty-four hours.
Are these hours any longer than others?
I'm sure to His disciples and followers they seemed like an eternity!

How lengthy are the hours?
How painful are the same?
Are any spent in contemplation
of pretentious claim?
How can one think of "rise again"
with this pain in the heart?!
Since none have come back from the dead,
we might as well depart!

And though I attempt to speak as one in the day, I cannot stay focused knowing that tomorrow morning He will be alive!!
We must focus on that...even when we think our prayers are bouncing off the ceiling!
We have got to cling to that...even when there seems to be no hope to cling to!
The day may be full of pain and disappointment...but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Wonderful turmoil!

The events of today have been painful...confusing...infuriating, but He said that it must happen!
So much happening.  So much we do not understand, but we are clinging to that which we do understand:  Jesus loves us and has our best interests in mind!

See the tomb foreboding...
hear the promise yet.
Of that which is occurring, how
can ANY glory get?!
He told me what would happen
but He spoke with such a hope!
In the damage, in the dark,
He tells us yet to cope?

I saw the others, they each fled
confused and in denial;
I waited in the shadows as
they rushed Him into trial;
Convicted, sentenced to the Cross
before the dawn could come...
again, the fullness of it all,
who could know the sum!

And now, He said that He will rise-
again, who understands?!
I saw His body!  There's no way
for Him to break the bands!!
But I must cling to what He said,
He has not lied before.
I must believe that He will conquer,
I have to trust Him more!

Oh, the glory!
See Him.  See Him!  SEE HIM!  HE IS RISEN!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

This week's Love

Thursday...and the thoughts continue.  Along with them, so are the answers from the Holy Spirit about His thoughts toward us this week...

He holds me as I shed those tears
and it is music to His ears.
It pleasures my God to respond-
of me He is so very fond!

How can such relation be?
He knows the everything of me,
yet His desire is to stay
around me all throughout the day!

Jesus, Jesus...closer more
than anyone to come, before;
Jesus, inside, outside, too;
He knows me and He always knew!

How can such relation be?
It's His desire for such as we!
All He has is good for us.
The Perfect Savior--Lord Jesus!

He loves you.
He has plans for your life, and those plans are to prosper and to bless you!
As we look to Him this Holy Week, always recall that He is looking at you and wanting you.  Don't hold back!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Living Sacrifice

We are not our own!
No matter how self-made you might think you are, you still belong to Someone.  No matter how independent you think you are, there is Someone Who provides that to which you proudly cling.
Will you respond to Him?

"Jesus Christ, we pour ourselves,
an offering to You!
Dedicating ALL--the only
sacrifice so due!
All we are, all we have
belongs to You alone;
You are the only reason, Lord,
that we are even known!
Due Your grace, oh Lord alive,
have we this life at all!
And the least that we can do
is answer to Your Call!
We are alive due grace alone-
and that of only You!
You are so loving and so kind,
so glorious and true!

O Lord, we are an offering,
we lift ourselves afresh!
Your Word alive, alive within,
to prosper and to bless!
To bless You and bless others as
they see Your life abound.
Jesus, may Your living be
forever in us found!"

Live Jesus Christ.  There is no better way to spend your time in this place!

My Soul Partakes!

"Lord Jesus, o the week that is..."

"Mere days upon a calendar?
No!  But days ALIVE!
Because of all that You went through
we prosper and we thrive!
The life that You are, Jesus Christ,
of this do we partake-
nothing else, (no one else,)
can, such a difference, make!

Jesus, You are so alive
as once more we reflect.
You had to live, You had to die-
our sins for to deflect!
Oh, but You're alive again
and, therefore, we are too!
Alive and prospering because
of everything You do!

Once again reflecting?
But You are every day!
"Mere days upon a calendar?"
the world, it may say!
But You are life alive to us
who live Your life always.
Lord Jesus, thank You for the wonder
of these Holy Days!"

Enjoy the days that are, keep their significance in the forefront as you do, and remember JESUS IS ALIVE!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jesus is Easter!

A brand new week...and, oh, what a week!
So many different emotions...each of them real!
With all that Jesus went through this week, we must not lose sight of the fact that HE IS ALIVE and ALWAYS with us!

Jesus Christ alive and
everything--life's total sum!
He is all and everything
before and to become!
Regardless what becomes of anything
in this life done,
one thing to matter all along:
"Is Jesus #1?"

Oh, the Lord alive, alive-
but give Him your life, too!
He can do far more with it
than you can ever do!
Following His constant lead
will never be a bore!
He is living now and He
is life forevermore!

Jesus Christ alive ALWAYS
and so in love with you!
Make the choice to live for Him-
for He has chosen you!
So different that living is,
so wonderful, so true;
live Him to the uttermost
in everything you do!

Jesus is Life, and Easter is Jesus. 
Don't let anything else distract you from seeing and knowing the Life that is "Easter!"

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring to life!

Finally, beautiful vestiges of Spring!
Celebrate the new life, won't you?

Living day of spring-
first to promise bring!
Listen to each bird-
try to catch each word!

So beautiful, evidence
of the season change.
So perfect is the order
our Father to arrange!
So fortunate, the ones who make
the effort to behold;
signs of winter on the run-
so subtle and so bold!
Signs of winter on the run,
but, greater, signs of spring!
Even that inside the heart
to sing, to brightly sing!
Sing to God Creator, He
so beautiful, so real!
Oh, the season to unfold
with so much to reveal!

Day alive in spring-
"Sing, ye living, sing!
God to glorify!
Praise His Name on high!"

God is so good!  Praise His Name for the wonderful order He set in place!
Notice the signs of season change and look forward to the newness of His Promises!
He is Life...NEW Life!

Jesus, the Peace!

A letter in the mail...
A phone call inducing panic...
A knock on the door...whatever it is, life happens.

Peace in spite of problems...
calm when there is not...
knowing Him-the One Who's Peace-
and oh the love He's got!
Situations are so real
that seek to steal that peace,
but each of them, unto the Lord,
I freely can release!

So freely I converse with Him,
so freely He responds;
the love between us, greater far
than any other bonds!
Love that overtakes all issues-
peace to generate!
Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace,
so good and oh, so great!

Peace in spite of problems;
and present, He, always!
He's so alive and He is constant
in so many ways!
Jesus Christ-the only perfect Peace
that is and ever!
Know Him as your Savior-have that
perfect Peace forever!

What a wonderful peace Jesus is!
And even when everything is going good and peace is abounding, Jesus is right there to celebrate with you!  Don't ignore Him.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jesus, The Word!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...The Word become flesh!  We are so blessed to have God the Savior lower Himself to come to us!
How is your relationship with Him?
I know that I must have Him constantly in my day.  And with Him there, I am able to hear Him prompt me to do things that I would not normally do:  Help someone...pray for someone...pray with someone...and have that word that they need to hear right then!
Jesus the Word is so alive!  As I partake of the pages, I see them come to life in my daily living...

Jesus Christ in Word alive-
so is this ancient Book.
More than dusty pages only
parted for a look!
More than something carried so that
others may behold;
the Bible-it is Jesus Christ-
and constantly foretold!

Where is it in my living walk
and day-to-day affairs?
Where is it in the very talk
that, without effort, airs?
If it is not so deep in me
that it is seen and heard,
then what's the point of even living
Jesus Christ the Word?!

But Jesus Christ, the Bible, He
remains alive and living!
See those pages and receive
the Life that He be giving!
Never let the "same old, same old..."
have its way with you,
but savor Christ the Living Word
anew in ALL you do!

Jesus Christ-the Word alive!
But how can He be alive within unless we partake of Him daily?
Open up that Book and listen to Jesus' voice!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

He is Easter!

Easter is coming in a few weeks.
For a lot of folks, it's just a few days in spring that the kids get out of school.  These days, some kids don't even get that much time off!
Remember "Easter Vacation?"  Now, they call it "Spring Break!"  And in some places, it isn't anywhere near "Easter" on the calendar!
Let's get back...

Hear the anthems ring!
Hear the voices sing!
Jesus Christ adored-
Master, Savior...Lord!

"You are worthy of the music
generated deep!
You are worthy of the songs
within the heart to keep!
You are worthy of our living-
all throughout the day!
You are Jesus, Son of God,
the Truth the Life, the Way!"

Hear the celebration!
Establish One relation!
Jesus-Lord of all,
answer to His Call!

Yes, answer to His Call.  He calls each and all of us to invite Him into our hearts.  There, He will  dwell and help us through all that we go through.
There, He will direct our paths so that we will go through what He desires.
There, He will assure us a place in Heaven for all eternity!
Easter is Life!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Words again...more words...

But what are words upon reflection
of the Risen Lord?
The glory of His majesty
eternally adored!
That He would even come to ME-
I cannot understand!
I am undone as I behold Him
reaching out His hand!

Words again,...but what are words?!
I'm silent in His sight!
And then He says to me that, in me,
He takes great delight?!
So beautiful, so holy...
so glorious is He,
but He would lower Himself and come
to fellowship with me? words...He listens to
each one that I would say.
So high and holy...yet He walks
with me throughout the day!
I am so very fortunate,
yet I am not alone-
this very same relationship
to ANY can be known!

As I reflect upon the Lord
I do so from His side!
He walks with me and talks with me,
so constant to abide!
He loves me more than words can say,
He calls me as His child!
This beautiful relationship
will NEVER be defiled!

Words...a man of words.  Every time I spend time with Him, there are new words to be found!  What a wonderful Savior and Friend Jesus is!

Visible Dawn

Through the dawn approaching
life-it is avowed:
see the radiance shining!
Hail, glory cloud!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
evident always-
see Him in the morning,
join the endless praise:
praise unto the Father, He
created time at all!
Praise unto the Son Who joins us
in Love's only call!
Praise unto the Spirit--They
are One and thriving here!
In the dawn approaching
Jesus Christ is clear!

In the dawn approaching,
(and all throughout the day,)
praise Him in the highest,
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Live Him in His glory,
for He is life and living!
In the glory of the dawn
God is ever-giving!

Oh, the reality of God in everything...ALWAYS!  Not just in the morning, but what a glorious Presence to wake up to!
Welcome God in the morning and invite Him to join you in all that you do...?  Or cry out to Him and avail yourself to all that HE wants to do!  Yes, He is THAT real!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cause for celebration?!

The 'road' to Easter.  It is paved with every emotion known.  The greatest of these be JOY!

Celebrate, celebrate,
o celebrate The King!
Jesus Christ alive, alive,
but all creation sing!
Allow His praises to resound,
resounding from the deep!
Praises fill the heart alive-
but do NOT let them keep!

Celebrate the living Lord,
for He is worthy of
all the life inside of us,
the honor and the love!
Laud Him!  Love Him!  Live Him in
the constancy of life!
Know that He is in the midst-
from ecstasy to strife!

Celebrate the Lord alive,
let NOTHING interfere!
Know that He's aware of ALL
and closer than just NEAR!
He is worthy of the party
that will never end!
O celebrate the Lord Jesus Christ-
your EVERYTHING expend!

I am excited about Jesus Christ!  Are you?
The next few weeks are very painful for HIm.  In the next few weeks He will endure what no other person can....but it's NOT the end!  Not that we should take it lightly, but that we should be even more thankful...even more joyful because He has overcome and made each of us victors!  JOINT-HEIRS WITH HIM!
O celebrate JESUS with me, won't you?

5:30 a.m.

Day begins again-
so glorious, the Light!
Even when naught can be seen
life to take delight!
So many clouds amassing...
so present, God Creator;
God so good and holy,
making morning greater!

Before is come the light,
storm clouds take delight!
God, Creator, Friend!

Day begins again.
Soon, a place I've been.
But not before I live
in grace the Lord to give.
So constantly alive.
In Him, I more than thrive!
Before is come the light,
so present is The Light!

How beautiful the day that slowly approaches!
So glorious to see the hand of God painting the eastern skies...manufacturing morning!
What a precious, beautiful time!


What noise!  What tumult!  What a celebration!

As He rides to destiny
I find myself right there.
Are my actions any different?
Will I help prepare?
How can I celebrate His entry

knowing what's ahead?
I have to focus on His goal
to properly be led.
To focus on His suffering
would dampen victory?
The same must oft be amplified
lest there be apathy.
Lest I forget the fullness of
the heart of God the Father,
knowing of His suffering-
I can't forget to bother.

Still, He rides to destiny
o'er branches of the palm.
Though He be the Prince of Peace
there be not any calm!
Celebration is as He
let's nothing interfere;
the fullness of His love for us
remaining ever clear!

And ride--He rides to destiny
with me upon His mind.
When He looks into my eyes
what is He going to find?

He rides even today.  Everything He set out to accomplish He has done.  The victory is sure, but He continues to go to and fro seeking more to follow Him.  
"Behold what manner of Love the Father has given unto us!"

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What are you going to do?

The Presence of God.
What does it mean to you?  Does it mean anything.  Do you ignore Him...take His Presence for granted?
No matter what, His Presence IS in your life.  What are you going to do?

In His Presence now,
Him Who sealed my vow.
Whatever time of day
He is the only Way!
I call upon His Name;
His wonders I proclaim!
He joins me in my praise,
all of life to raise!!

With His Presence now,
empowerment endow!
Going forth and bold,
what will this day hold!
The plans that I know of,
(those waiting in His love,)
for sure will come to be-
there will be victory!

In His Presence real-
see Him, hear Him, feel!
Victory for sure
to all who will endure!
Know His Presence real!
Yes, see Him, hear Him, feel!
He is availed to you;
to Him will you be true?

To Him will YOU be true?  Life's most important question.
Give your heart and life to Jesus.  Again, He can and will do more with it than you can!  But that's not the greatest blessing!  The greatest blessing is being in His Presence, knowing and enjoying the fullness and wonder that He is!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Last Days

"The Last Days."
We've heard of it before.  We hear it all the time. 
Does that lessen the importance of it?
Remember, with each day that passes, we are one day closer to His return!

Days...the days amassing
before the very end?
For the past few years He's become
closer than a friend.
We've seen Him almost every day
and now He says He's leaving?!
His statements are not understood
or folks just aren't believing!

He's speaking now of torture,
betrayal, even death!
And there's almost an "excitement"
gathered in His breath.
He says that where He's going
we cannot go just yet...
again, how can one understand?
His meaning can we get?

Oh, but we KNOW His excitement,
the life that will be made!
Death is temporary,
the pain, for it will fade.
And victory prevails
as He is yet so living!
Know the truths of Passion Week
and all that God is giving!

The suffering of Jesus
so relevant, so real.
He felt it all so such as we,
we would not have to feel?
He lived it all so that our lives
they could be that much more...
Jesus Christ--He is at all
to love, lead and restore!

The days are at hand.  The final days?  Yes and no.  True, we are in the last days.  True, these were Jesus' last days before the Cross.  Let us be careful to recall all that Jesus went through to purchase our souls, while realizing just how precious little time we may have left to let others know.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Slow down!

Life alive and all around-
so busy is the day!
"Jump in and do your very best
or get out of the way?!"
But stop and listen closely,
behold all that you can.
God is good and gives that life
alive, o busy man!
And know His mighty Presence
but all throughout the day.
Invite Him to that meeting,
(He'll be there anyway!)
Enjoy Him as you drive along,
see Him in every face;
and when is come that time of rest
reflect upon His grace.

So wonderful, so vital-
Jesus and His grace!
In this life so present;
and HE will set the pace!
Cling to Him and trust Him,
for He will do you right;
giving Him the day will fill
your living with delight!

Have you found that delight yet?  Is it always delightful?
Surely there were things in my day today that were not delightful, but as I reflect upon what happened, I can see God right there using us...and the delight that is now.
Please pray for Bob & Judy.  Bob was put into the hospital this morning due to dehydration.  They are both committed believers belonging to Jesus, so we KNOW that they will be fine.  The delight is that Bob is getting the care that he needs right now.