Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The desert again.  What's the point?
Does it have to be a negative experience?

Once again, escaping life
of which I am a part;
though I am in this world, I am
called to be apart;
so many things, so many deeds
must I accomplish here,
but He prepared a place of rest-
my heart and mind to clear.

So very little in this place,
and yet so very much.
The greatest of it all to be
His certain, heavy touch!
Yet many things remind of God
here in this barren place;
valuables intangible-
due alone His grace!

So valuable, the blest escape
until I must return.
The Presence of Almighty Lord-
always here to learn!
Even without word is healing,
help and restoration;
all because I called on Christ
and took of His salvation!

A pointless wasteland?  OF COURSE NOT!
There is something here to learn...even if only to bask in the Presence of God alone!
Have you been there yet?
Are you sure?

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