Friday, February 8, 2013


Father God...wonderful God!
No beginning, no end-God is at any and all times...I don't understand!

Every day and always...
existing in the EVERY time
is Jesus Christ, the Way!
There is no time, there is no place,
(neither situation,)
that separates us from His love
and His great relation!

"Then why did that thing happen..."
"Why does this go on..."
Why does it seem like vestiges
of Christ the Lord are gone?!
But have I even looked for Him?
Have I given praise?
Do I display gratitude
even in 'those' days?

But every day and always,
regardless how it goes,
God, in His reality,
everybody, knows!
Wherever you are in the day
call out His mighty Name,
and cling to Him through everything,
and He will do the same!

Yes, He will do the same.  He will be right there with you through any and all times and seasons.  Even that scary situation that you have never been in before-He is right there ready to escort you.
Trust Him.

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