Monday, February 11, 2013


I just found these words in my pad.  After you read them, you will know when they were written.  The more I think about this message, the more I realize that the Holy Spirit knew exactly what He was doing and when they should be sent!

What if my demonstration
of Jesus and His love
was to deny myself and give
to them without enough?
What if more than December we
considered one another-
giving sacrificially
to stranger and to brother?
What if serving and giving would
top everybody's list?
What kind of
what people would exist?

What if I stopped 'what if-ing'
and put down this pen?
Put off the yuletide pondering
and ministered to men?
Would it not be a better time
that more could celebrate?
Thus I must now end this note
before it is too late!

There is so much to be done in this world, and WE are the ones to do it!
There is so much to be done in this little town...and I am one of the ones that can do it!
There is so much that I can there anything that WE can do?

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